Friday, July 20, 2007

The Pursuit of Love

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to high schoolers about love, better yet, the pursuit of love and how they are to do so and remain pure. Tricky? I think so. I was standing before a group of hormone ravaged boy/girl crazy, horny, barely able to keep their hands to themselves youngsters. And the goal was to convince them that God wants the best for them and that means keeping their clothes on.

It is probably easier to convince the French to actually win a battle instead of retreating but I let the Lord speak through me and I believe something stuck. I believe that these lust filled youngsters may have actually taken a few of my points to heart.

Speaking to young people is definitely a challenge and a calling. There are time when I ask God if this passion he has given me, to work with young people, is not some sort of joke he continues to play on me that I haven't quite figured out. Of course I will continue to get up in front of young people and pour out my heart in hopes that the Lord will use my words and His Word to leave some small impression on their hearts and in their minds.

Funny too, because while I teach young people about all sorts of things from how to find God to pursuing love in a way that pleases God, I myself am sort of pursuing love in that I seek to please God by sharing in his will for others and myself.

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