Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Becoming

Everyday we are becoming. Becoming more or becoming less. Becoming more valuable or perhaps, God forbid, less valuable to those around us. Never less valuable to God Himself. He will always cherish us. We become more disciplined or less disciplined based on nothing more than decisions we make daily to take action in our lives. Some choose to take no action and therefore become less valuable to those around them and to themselves. Others take everyday as an opportunity to grow and learn and therefore become more valuable to those around them and themselves.

A good friend, who really is more a brother given I have no doubts about his sincerity. This is something I value highly and am discovering is less apart of our social fabric everyday. Well, my brother Shawn, you know who you are, has always been scrupulous and more than straightforward with me with ideas and concepts that most people skirt these days. Just yesterday when he and his family came through for a visit we talked for hours about the state of our Christian union in this nation and the different ideas we as Christians have giving birth to actions or lack thereof in our daily lives. Shawn has inspired me today to pull a book off the shelf that I bought years ago and actually put it to use. It really is sad that I have purchased quite a few books either on a referral or just general interest and have yet to actually crack them. Another testimony to how we are either becoming more or less depending on...

The book? Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney. Dr. Whitney does not waste anytime getting to the meat. A very practical guide for someone wishing to become more disciplined indeed. Shawn's wife also made the comment (or very similar to), "[the book] helped me understand that what we do is a discipline." Very profound indeed.

Donald S. Whitney makes many poignant points in the opening chapter. Yet even without opening the book you can find some profound truths. The freedom to grow in godliness - “to naturally express Christ’s character through your own personality - is in large part dependent on a deliberate cultivation of the spiritual disciplines.” (From the back cover) We must be deliberate in our walk with God. We must discipline ourselves and make it a priority so as to truly profit from 'becoming'.

I will come back to lessons I am learning and wish to share with others here as I continue to read.

Please pray for my family as times are challenging and we seek the Lords will. Pray that I will continue to grow in my ability to wait on the Lord.

Thank you and God bless.

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