Monday, April 30, 2007

About Me Continued

This is continuation of the about me section:

I am most proud of being a husband/father. Everyday here is a new adventure, what with the three boys all under the age of three. Something is always being broken or at least tortured into submission. Oftentimes I am exhausted and only find the energy to do anything through some supernatural blessing of God.

I have just recently decided to pursue college education but am finding that the money, coincidentally, is pretty tight right now. Once again looking for some supernatural support. We shall see. My wife is behind me a %100.
We are business owner here in the Jeffcoat house. I started a business in the building consultation industry last October, just when building took a huge nose dive. How smart am I? And my wife, as of last month, has started a cleaning business which looks like it could not only do well but get out of control. Perhaps she is in a better standing with the Lord right now? I know some people who would say this as for me I am not so certain about such ideas.
All of the above essentially says I am a normal person with the same struggles as any other person on the planet. If you want to view any more of my psyche the explore my blog. Have fun.

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