Friday, May 4, 2007

Wipe Away the Cobwebs

We have, or I suppose I should say, my wife has started a cleaning business. I am more the sales person than anything else. Oh, and do not forget moral support. Moral support is very important after all.

So, do we know what we are doing? Yeah, we can clean really well given all those white glove inspections while stationed with the Marine Corps but when it comes to running a cleaning business well, we will have to see how this all works out. No doubt this is going to be more work than either of us have imagined but then we are only guilty of what every other human being is guilty of in underestimating the task before us. There really is no better way to know whether you can handle a task, outside of any planning that may be done, than to dive in and pray you do not drown.

One neat feature to this is that we, Sugar and I, will be working together more than we have in a very long time and I believe this is going to help our marriage. We will be wiping away the figurative relational cobwebs while doing the same to literal cobwebs from our clients living spaces. Many people I know have said they cannot work with their spouse. I cannot give a judgment here in either direction only because I have yet to experience this but like to think we are going to work very well together. Ask me how it's going in a couple of months and we will see if I have an answer for you.

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