Sunday, June 17, 2007

Being Tagged by the Wife

4 Favorite Jobs

1. Husband

2. Father

3. Church Youth Worker (lots of fun)

4. *Assistant to killers of evil men (Corpsman of the Marines)

*Note: I would put Real Estate here but since I haven't quite officially begun my Real Estate career it would be impossible to say it is a favorite job I have had.

4 Favorite Local Places

1. My House

2. A bookstore

3. A friends house hanging out

4. Church Youth Event

4 Favorite Foods

1. Chinese food - specifically anything with the red sauce

2. Mama Gina's Spaghetti

3. Pizza of any sort

4. Candy! (Sour Patch Kids)

4 Favorite International Place

1. Turkey

2. Greece

3. Scotland

4. Israel (so long as there are no car bombs going off)

4 People I TAG!

1. Steven Burns

2. David Merritt

3. Kane Wright

4. Tyson Green

I feel like a wee lass having done this.

1 comment:

Dena said...

Dude - you crack me UP! I think real estate will be good for you and you can FINALLY put it on your resume!
Love chinese food too!!! So sad Sugar hates it!