Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Hearts of Children

I have a paradoxical faith in that I know what God promises is good enough to take to the bank but then I struggle with anxiety from time to time, and more so lately than ever. Never in my life have the stakes been so formidable. Now with a wife and three small children in tow life takes on a different rhythm, a militant cadence demanding my attention, and I cannot afford to blink too often or I lose measure. The beat is frantic most times and it is all I can do to just keep up with the tempo.

God is in control of this and I know He promises to not overwhelm us or give us anything we cannot handle (1 Corinthians 10:13) and yet there have been times when I have fallen to my knees in desperate need of answers. Answers never come in an Old Testament Revelation (that is probably a paradox all on its own) but sometimes God sends answers in the least expected medium.

We were watching Discovery HD yesterday (awesome station- I could watch paint dry on this channel). It was one of those deals where the lions were eating other helpless creatures. My kids actually watch these parts in awe. I hope allowing my children to watch this isn't considered child abuse since I am definitely guilty. Anyway, the scene was of a plains fire. A bazillion African Elk are running from the flames as it hungrily laps at their hooves.

Cole asks, "What's hap'ning?"

"The fire is coming and all the elk are running away."

Cole says, "I can take my kite and they cans get the string and I can flys them out of the the fire."

This is the heart of God. He wants to fly us out of the flames and all it takes is us allowing Him too. He is God after all.

And He has put His heart in Children.

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