Friday, February 22, 2008

A Game of Candy Land and You Cheated

First post in a while but I was inspired by tonights events.

Our game of Candy Land tonight turned into quite the melodramatic temper tantrum. Actually right this second my oldest son, Cole, is receiving a spanking from his mother because he has been throwing a temper tantrum of spinning head pea soup spitting proportions over losing the game to his brother Jonah. He claims that "daddy cheated", while what in fact happened was he continued to move his brothers game piece around the board while we played and on the last play he had moved it so close to the Rainbow Kingdom (that sounds like a scary place) that Jonah's double blue card made him victorious. I just happened to be the unlucky one to move Jonah into the winning position and declare his victory. Cole then proceeded to act out a scene from the Exorcist, claiming I had cheated by moving Jonah's piece for him, since he could not easily reach across the board and do it himself I had no choice; also he had been moving everyone else's game piece or his own in the wrong direction the entire game, so why wouldn't I help him out and end this form of slow torture.

Parental Warning: If you do not own Candy Land, do not buy it. If you have then burn it immediately.

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April Emery said...

it's great hearing you and sugar's take on the situation ... sounds like there is never a dull moment at your house. miss you guys!